Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

Keep some towels handy because it's going to get wet around here. For the next three days October Kill Fest celebrates water, water everywhere, as in death by H2O.

Starting things off tomorrow will be a short montage celebrating ... well maybe that's the wrong word. This is Kill Fest month so the montage will be all about death in the water so I'm not sure I'm celebrating that. But I am celebrating movies that portray it. After all, some of them do a great job at it. Anyway, this being a kill fest montage it will obviously contain multiple scenes of death and killing so if you're not into that kind of thing don't watch but if you've seen a movie rated higher than PG at some point in your life then I can't see a problem. And it only uses thirteen movies, same number I chose for my pictures of the stars, because I'm a loser and thought thirteen would be a cool number to go with for October. And as an added bonus, the title could easily double for an underwater porn movie. Sometimes you just get lucky.

On Friday, a couple of waterized pictures of the stars will go up and on Saturday an eight minute film from the same source I've been getting all those ridiculous Christopher Lee clips from. Only this one is Lee telling a chilling tale of death by water. The video and pictures that make up the film come from the same mysterious source but the music was overlayed by me from composer William Stromberg. I hope you enjoy it. It's old fashioned, as in it simply relays a horrible turn of events and then ends by saying, "Even now as you walk by..." and so on. I think Lee does a fine job with it.

And if I think of anything to throw in in between it all, I will. The banners will carry on the water theme as well. So let the Kill Fest celebration of Death by Water begin. And the lifeguard is definitely OFF DUTY.