Friday, September 5, 2008

And..... Pose!

From If Winter Comes made in 1947 with Walter Pidgeon, Angela Lansbury, Deborah Kerr and Janet Leigh (not pictured, obviously). It was a dud for all of them but did mark the first occasion on which Lansbury and Leigh would star together in a film. The next time they did the results were decidedly ... well, actually, about the same. It was The Red Danube in 1949 with Pidgeon once again in the starring role. Finally, in 1962 Lansbury and Leigh figured out that to succeed they had to dump Pidgeon and scored a winner with The Manchurian Candidate. Pidgeon had his own politically charged movie that same year, Advise and Consent, sans Lansbury and Leigh. Still, I wish they'd given it just one more try. Think of the great things they could have done as a trio if they'd put their minds to it: Jules and Jim in reverse or an early incarnation of Three's Company with Charles Laughton as Mr. Roper. Now that would've been a winner! Walter Pidgeon as Jack Tripper? Are you kidding me? He would've nailed it! Oh, if only... if only. Sigh.