Monday, September 29, 2008

Cinema Styles October Kill Fest is on its Way!

The Kill Fest will soon be upon us and so to celebrate here's that famous, and justly so, poster for 1930's Alraune. Or is it for 1928's Alraune. Yep, Miss Helm played Alraune in both films made within two years of each other. The poster for it was provocative, then and now, what with the same old floating heads crap we get with every other movie released these days. And if you click on the poster you'll find I've provided a nice big scan for printing.

You see, you can find this poster all over the internet, but never big except when covered with watermarks. Until now that is. So consider it my gift to all you fans of the movie and the poster.

Now then, about this October Kill Fest thingy. Here's the deal: Starting October 1st my blog will change it's look and the new October banners will begin. There will be a new post each day all month long and a new banner every other day. And except for the first post which I'll put up at midnight EST, each post thereafter will go up at 7 a.m. E.S.T. the following day. I'll get the month rolling with a new original Cinema Styles production.

Starting on Day 2 (that's Kill Fest plus 1) the pictures begin. What pictures? Well, 60 percent of my posts during the Kill Fest will be original works of mine (movies and pictures). The pictures are pics of the stars - KILL FEST-A-FIED. Okay that word sucks. Um... how about GORIED UP. Nah. Anyway, you'll get it when you see them. Hollywood legends from the thirties through the sixties made to look just a tad bit different. Some will be small subtle changes while others will be so different as to be barely recognizable. The first pic goes up on the 2nd and then a new pic goes up each even day after that, the 4th through the 26th. That's 13 in all. It's October, I had to make it 13.

And one final note. I plan for the month, my favorite month of the year, to be all about fun, so don't come here looking for anything too decidedly serious. I will have a couple of reviews up though of some classic films I've recently watched that I hope you'll enjoy (both the films and the reviews). But outside of that, I'm looking to take it easy and enjoy. I've already got 28 of the 31 posts done, saved and scheduled to be published so I'm well ahead of the game.

It all starts on October 1st. Hope you have a killer of a good time. I know I will.

Here's the trailer again in case you missed it the first time.