Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Haloscan - From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee

Well, that's it. I can't take Haloscan anymore. They are truly the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever did suck. Here's why I put them in place of Blogger comments in the first place:

* You can edit all comments at any time from anywhere which you can't do with Blogger.

* It has a convenient comment manager that shows me all comments in order of their publication. So when someone decides to comment on an old post from a year ago (and they do occassionally) it's right there on the manager at the top.

* It keeps great stats, records and I.P. addresses, which you can ban if you like in the case of spammers.

But it's not worth it anymore. It drops comments, especially if they're long. After a paragraph or two it often has the tendency to either lose the rest of the comment or everything after the first sentence.

And it goes down - A LOT! I like active comment threads where people keep coming back and piling on the comments like the last one on Glinda. I like how we kept the story going, so to speak. I find the comment section extremely entertaining and satisfying and I cherish all the comments I have received from all of you in the last year which is why I've stuck with Haloscan, because I don't want to lose them. And if I go to Blogger comments, all the previous comments, ALL 5,000 PLUS, will be gone. Aside from the fact that new readers will feel sorry for me ("Boy, this guy didn't get one comment until after a full year of blogging. What a loser.") I'll miss not being able to see those comments on old posts that I occassionally go back to for one reason or another.

So here's the deal. I ran an export to archive all the comments made up to now. Over time I will simply open up the archived comment threads (fortunately they're all archived in groups by the post they were on), copy the thread and paste it at the end of its respective post. I'll start doing that this week and probably around this weekend give Haloscan the official heave-ho from this blog.

So a change is going to come. Blogger comments will soon be here. And Haloscan can rot, rot, rot in HELL!