Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Quick Shout Out to Two Special Bloggers

You know when you start a blog, and you're an unknown, getting comments can encourage and motivate you to continue. If you're known it's different. When I started a second blog after Cinema Styles was established the comments were immediate so it didn't have the same feeling. Everybody already knew me so when I announced it was going up I got comments right away. I later scrapped that blog but you get the point.

Or let's take Bill's great new blog, The Kind of Face You Hate. The comments have been immediate there as well because he's been known to most of us for some time due to his great comments on our blogs. It's almost like he's had a blog all this time. But here at Cinema Styles it was different. No one knew who in the hell I was and my first several posts were read by my wife and almost no one else. So when I got those first comments it was exciting (and still is, by the way).

Lately, I've been archiving those old Haloscan comments and attaching them to their given posts. It's ongoing and will definitely take some time. But I've noticed something while archiving. There were two names that accounted for almost all of my comments in my first two months of blogging and if it wasn't for these two, I don't know if I would've kept it up. So without further ado let me give my undying gratitude to Kimberly Lindbergs of Cinebeats and Rick Ryan of Ricks DVD Picks. I know you two have been busy lately (because you've said so on your blogs) so I don't know if you'll see this but if you do I just want to say that you two kept me going. Thanks a million.


My link to Rick's blog worked when I put it up but now it comes up empty. It appears Rick has deleted his blog. So Rick, I hope everything's okay and if you see this, drop me a line.